EzSoft ERP

A suite of interconnected and compatible business software at the service of the commercial enterprise to make everything easier


Taraf Al-Badr EzSoft is one of the leading companies in the field of information technology that provides the best services and software solutions, striving hard to fill the current void in database software management, whether in better software, networks or Internet software, through the development of a strong set of high-tech software tools in the field of databases It also offers the best solutions that suit the Arab user in terms of ease of application, accuracy of performance and speed of service to raise their work to new heights to keep pace with the latest technologies of the age in the world of information technology.

EzSoft Objectives

Raising the efficiency of the Arab user by using the best and latest technologies of the age by producing systems that compete with international systems in terms of quality, speed and efficiency, while realizing the importance of after-sales services to reach the highest service, including specialized technical support services for all the company’s products, in a desire to reach the highest level of customer satisfaction, as we strive to cover our products And our systems are all Arab countries.


EzSoft is an established e-business solutions provider delivering desktop and web solutions & services of any complexity to clients in Saudi Arabia,.

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