Store Management

It is the system responsible for the facility’s types, stores and movement. It is designed for both industrial and commercial facilities. One of the most important elements of the facility’s success is effective control with inventory with its interrelation and integration with other systems such as purchases, sales, general accounts and fixed assets.


Store Management Features


Possibility to open an unlimited number of stores

Full support for barcode systems

Possibility to know cost prices

Inventory control capability

More features of Store Management

The accounting program includes many features and options, we will show you a group of them so that you can make sure
that the options of this program match your business requirements and your administrative system.

  • The possibility of opening an infinite number of stores.
  • The possibility of using three selling prices for each item, with the authority of each user on the specified prices for each item, with the possibility of setting specific selling prices for each branch.
  • Deals with service, aggregate and manufactured items.
  • The possibility of dealing with serial numbers of items.
  • Deals with items with colors, sizes and pictures of items.
  • Full support for barcode systems, including barcode printing.
  • The possibility of controlling stock through exchange and warehouse receipt.
  • Inventory speed through data collection machines Data Collection Terminals
  • Dealing with items on several levels.
  • The possibility of transferring between warehouses with the feature of receiving the transfer in the warehouse to which it is transferred.
  • Alert of items that have reached the order limit.
  • Alert expired items that are about to expire.
  • The ability to know the different cost prices for each item from one screen.
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