General Accounts

The general accounts system is one of the systems that deals with millions of transactions and restrictions with the utmost efficiency, speed and accuracy, and it is highly stable and integrated with the rest of the other EzSoft systems.


General Accounts Features


Ease of handling accounts

Numbering in several ways

Easy access to reports

Comparison with previous years

More features of General Accounts

The accounting program includes many features and options, we will show you a group of them so that you can make sure
that the options of this program match your business requirements and your administrative system.

  • Ease of dealing with accounts through a flexible and adjustable accounting guide, whether by addition or deletion, and the provision of an unlimited number of accounting levels.
  • The possibility of numbering in any way suitable for the user, whether automatic or manual.
  • The possibility of dealing with cost centers in a flexible and adjustable manner, whether by adding or deleting and providing an unlimited number of levels.
  • The ability to obtain detailed and aggregated audit scales at all levels.
  • The ability to deal with estimated budgets for accounts and cost centers
  • Follow up on the results of the establishment's business as a whole and its subsidiary activities through cost centers.
  • The possibility of using periodic bonds and knowing account balances in the same bond screens.
  • The possibility of obtaining the financial statements and their comparison with previous years.
  • Extracting financial statements at any time during the year.
  • The possibility of obtaining reports for previous years.
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