Fixed Assets

The fixed asset management program from EzSoft is distinguished by helping companies and institutions to inventory and evaluate their fixed assets with their classifications, according to the tab for each company and each branch. The assets and evidence of the sale and scrapping of these assets and all related financial and accounting operations.


Fixed assets Features


Arranging and classifying assets

Possibility to sell the original

Register miscellaneous asset data

Recording asset maintenance operations

More features of Fixed assets

The accounting program includes many features and options, we will show you a group of them so that you can make sure
that the options of this program match your business requirements and your administrative system.

  • Arranging and classifying assets according to the establishment's branches, divisions and groups.
  • Adding the asset as an opening balance or recording a cash purchase or a deferred purchase.
  • Diversity of depreciation methods for assets according to accounting principles.
  • Possibility to work under depreciation at any time and for the specified period.
  • Clarify the movement of the asset, purchase value, additions and net book value.
  • The possibility of selling the asset and proving the capital gain or loss resulting from the sale.
  • Record various asset data such as purchase date, shelf life, and others.
  • Recording operations of asset maintenance or new additions to it.
  • The possibility of transferring and transferring the asset between the branches and departments of the facility.
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