EzSoft ERP

EzSoft is a set of interconnected, integrated and distinct systems that easily meet the needs of all establishments on their various activities, whether commercial, industrial or service, and provide the best solutions and services to achieve the greatest return on investment in the field of information technology.

EzSoft ERP Features




Flexible interfaces

Integrated modules


Automatic Backups

Unlimited branches & invetories

Suitable for items with expiration dates



Main Components of EzSoft Integrated Accounting System

General Accounts


The general accounts system is one of the systems that deals with millions of transactions and restrictions with the utmost efficiency, speed and accuracy, and it is highly stable and integrated with the rest of the other EzSoft systems.

Purchasing and Suppliers


It is the system responsible for suppliers through the documentary cycle of procurement with giving adequate reports on all aspects of procurement activity and supplier data with its interconnection and integration with the …

Sales and Customers


It is the system responsible for customers through the movement of sales and control of sales prices and conditions with its interrelationship and integration with other systems such as points of sale, stores and public accounts.



EzSoft POS system contains an easy-to-use window with a high speed to be able to serve the largest number of customers in the least possible time with integration and interconnection with other systems of stores, sales, …

Store Management


It is the system responsible for the facility’s items, stores, and movement. It is designed for both industrial and commercial facilities. One of the most important elements of the facility’s success is effective control …

Fixed Assets Managment


The fixed asset management program from EzSoft is distinguished by helping companies and institutions to inventory and evaluate their fixed assets with their classifications, according to the tab for each  …

HR Managment


It is a dynamic system for managing human resources. This system provides many necessary services, including leave management of all kinds, self-services that cover all employee requirements, and building workflow. The system provides…

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