HR Managment

It is a dynamic system for managing human resources. This system provides many necessary services, including leave management of all kinds, self-services that cover all employee requirements, and building workflow. The system provides a special platform for building and modifying workflow dynamically, allowing the user great flexibility in managing Automatically direct requests, manage salaries, and more.


HR Managment Features


Social Security Calculation

Preparing work contracts

Monthly employee performance appraisal

Ease of importing and exporting data

More features of HR Managment

The accounting program includes many features and options, we will show you a group of them so that you can make sure
that the options of this program match your business requirements and your administrative system.

  • Provides solutions for preparing the company's work policy list according to each section of calculating overtime, calculating absence and delay, calculating end-of-service benefits, registration and acceptance of resignations, and others.
  • Provides solutions for importing employee data from Excel and archiving all employee papers.
  • It provides solutions for registering identity data, passports, work licenses and driving licenses, and following up on the expiry date of each of them.
  • It provides solutions to link all employee accounts with each other from employee advances - employee covenants - and the salaries and wages owed.
  • Provides solutions for calculating social insurance for each employee in accordance with the Saudi Labor Law.
  • Provides solutions for preparing and renewing work contracts and determining salaries and allowances according to each contract.
  • It provides solutions to monitor issued and consumer visas at the level of the profession - the country - the project.
  • It provides solutions for recording daily and monthly attendance and departure with the ability to import from Excel or from the fingerprint device.
  • It provides solutions for recording rewards and penalties for the employee and linking their entitlement with the preparation of monthly salaries automatically.
  • It provides solutions for recording the advances on the employee, distributing them over several months, and linking them with the monthly salaries automatically.
  • Provides solutions to monitor and evaluate the employee's monthly performance.
  • It provides solutions to the required administrative forms such as the introduction letter - leave request - work contracts - bank salaries - work office.
  • Provides solutions for preparing monthly salaries and distributing them to projects according to the working hours of each employee.
  • It provides solutions for printing salaries according to the department - the project - the company - the employee - the payroll authority, whether the company or the bank.
  • It provides solutions for the disbursement of salaries and accounting treatment for the disbursement of all employees or a group of employees through custody - cash - bank.
  • It provides solutions for calculating end-of-service benefits for each employee according to the nature of contract termination and in accordance with the Saudi Labor Law.
  • It provides solutions to follow up on employee leaves throughout the year and provide an alternative or what is called the annual leave map.
  • Provides solutions for basic employee management reports, including administrative and financial data, employee entitlements, and labor cost.
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