EzSoft POS system contains an easy-to-use window with a high speed to be able to serve the largest number of customers in the least possible time with integration and interconnection with other systems of stores, sales, customers and general accounts.


General Accounts Features


Super fast receipt printing

Possibility to pay with credit cards

Determine the vendors’ powers.

Possibility to pay in more than one way for the same invoice

More features of POS

The accounting program includes many features and options, we will show you a group of them so that you can make sure
that the options of this program match your business requirements and your administrative system.

  • Super speed with a simple and easy window to enter all sales transaction data and its compatibility with touch screens as used in restaurants.
  • Print receipts very quickly in a way that suits the user.
  • The possibility of payment by credit cards with calculating commissions.
  • Additional features which include suspending the sale movement, moving to the next customer, and then returning to the suspended transactions.
  • Determine the vendors' powers.
  • The ability to inquire about the price of an item or group of items without affecting the current sales movement.
  • Integration and interconnection with accuracy and high speed with sales, inventory and accounts systems.
  • The ability to pay in more than one way for the same invoice.
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